TES NEWS Volume 4, Number 1, February 1995

Tombstone High School Students Present Model Rocket to TES Group

On December 1, 1994, students from Daniel Wood's physics class at Tombstone High School (Tombstone, Arizona) came to ASU to present the Mars Global Surveyor TES group with a 1/18th -scale model of the Delta II rocket that will carry Mars Global Surveyor to the Red Planet in 1996.

Their effort was the only entry in a state-wide contest to build a scale replica of the Delta II that could house a model of Mars Global Surveyor built to 1/18th scale from Lego(TM) building blocks by Dr. Philip Christensen.

Two McDonnell Douglas Delta II rockets will launch Mars Global Surveyor in November 1996 and Mars Pathfinder in December 1996, from the Kennedy Space Center.

The Tombstone High School class received a tour of ASU, a Mars globe for their classroom, and a variety of NASA lithographs and posters. Their experience working together as a team is captured in their report, below.

The photograph above shows the Tombstone High School class with Mr. Wood at the right. (Photo by Brett McClellan on 1 December 1994.)

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