TES NEWS, Volume 4, Number 2, May 1995

We Are Very Pleased to Announce The Sixth Biannual

Arizona Mars K-12 Educators' Workshop


"A Tale of Two Planets: Mars and Jupiter"

Saturday, August 12, 1995

9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Who is invited:

In-service and Pre-service K-12 Educators (limit: 80)

Where is it:

Arizona State University, Mars Global Surveyor Space Flight Facility

Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines!

Brief Description: Remember the Shoemaker-Levy Comet Impacts on Jupiter last Summer? Something new is about to plunge into the atmosphere of this giant planet... only this time it is an object made by humans! On December the 7th, 1995, a probe released by Galileo in July will drop into the Jovian skies and begin its descent of discovery. Meanwhile, the Galileo spacecraft will start a two-year mission to map the moons, monitor the atmosphere, and examine the magnetic field of our Solar System's largest planet.

At the same time, work continues at a feverish pace to prepare two missions to Mars that will launch in November and December 1996-- Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Pathfinder. Both of these missions have Arizona connections. The sixth biannual Arizona Mars K-12 Educators' Workshop will include insider views of how we are preparing these Mars missions. The workshop will include a three-hour session on the Jupiter system and Galileo mission, information about Mars geology and climate, plus presentations by K-12 educators on themes of Mars, Jupiter, and Solar System exploration.

Before registering, please be sure to read "August 1995 Teacher Workshop at ASU to Feature The Planets Mars and Jupiter" for More Information. Please Share this information with K-12 Education Colleagues.

To Register, make a copy of this Form and send it by snailmail or fax.


Questions? Call K. Edgett or D. Wakefield at (602) 965-1790


___  I will attend the August 1995 Workshop.  Registration is Free, 
	but limited to first 80 qualified applicants.

___  I would like to share a demonstration / presentation with a Mars, 
	Jupiter, or Solar System theme.  My abstract  (150-200 words) 
	is enclosed.  (You must enclose abstract and send before 
	June 20, 1995, to be considered for a presentation).  
	Please state grade level of demonstration: _____. 


Summer Address:

Summer Phone Number:

School, Grade(s), and Subject(s):  

Due June 20, 1995!  Do Not Delay!  
Mail to: K. Edgett / Teacher Workshop, Department of Geology, 
Box 871404, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-1404; 
or Fax to: K. Edgett, (602) 965-1787.  Please help us help 
you-- No Registration by Telephone or E-mail.  Agenda and 
registration confirmation will be mailed mid-July.  Abstract 
acknowledgement and instructions will be mailed before July 4th.


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Announcement by K.S. Edgett, April 1995