TES NEWS, Volume 4, Number 2, May 1995

<-- Hubble Space Telescope images of Mars, February 1995.

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Compiled by K. Edgett, 21 April 1995

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There are at least two free newsletters, in addition to TES News, which will keep you up-to-date on Mars information.

The Martian Chronicle is published by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and covers topics on Mars Surveyor Project, Mars Global Surveyor, and Mars Pathfinder. For a hardcopy newsletter, contact the editor, David Dubov, at (818) 393-7876 or e-mail David.S.Dubov@jpl.nasa.gov. On the World Wide Web, look for the newsletter at http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/mars.

MARSBUGS: The Electronic Exobiology Newsletter is published on a monthly basis by co-editors David Thomas (Belleville Area College, IL) and Julian Hiscox (Univ. Alabama at Birmingham, AL). It is available by e-mail only, and features articles about the search for extraterrestrial life, adaptability of humans to space environments, and in particular the question of life and prebiotic chemistry on Mars. Contact Julian Hiscox for subscription information: julian_hiscox@micro.microbio.uab.edu.

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Article by K.S. Edgett, April 1995