September 1997 Volume 6 Number 3

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REaD Mars

by Ken Edgett, Arizona State University

Mid-1997 has been a fantastic time for Mars exploration. There have been many articles, television programs, etc., about Mars during this time. The following list is but a sampling of the key articles that appeared since May (listed chronologically). We hope these will be useful in your quest for more information about the Red Planet and the spacecraft recently arriving there.

  • "An Intergalactic Voyage," P.A. Wethered, Science & Children, May 1997. TES News reader Peggy Wethered reports on her school's successful space week activities. Good resource list and ideas for Mars K-12 teachers.

  • "Dreams of a Distant Planet," D. Samuels, Civilization, June-July 1997. Highly-recommended piece on NASA's humans-to-Mars program, from US Library of Congress' magazine.

  • "Messenger from Mars," J.K. Beatty, Sky & Telescope, July 1997. About the meteorites from Mars and possible fossils.

  • "Life: A Cosmic Imperative?" Y.J. Pendleton and J.D. Farmer, Sky & Telescope, July 1997. Is there life out there?

  • "Uncovering the Secrets of Mars," TIME, July 14, 1997.

  • "The Stars of Mars," S. Begley, Newsweek, July 21, 1997. Mars Pathfinder's landing and MGS TES/Phil Christensen quotes.

  • "Rock Festival on Mars," L. Jaroff, TIME, July 21, 1997. Mars Pathfinder's landing and K. Edgett quote.

  • "When will Humans Go to Mars?" B. Dickey, Final Frontier, July-August 1997. Humans on Mars before 2010?

  • "The New Martian Chronicles," D.S.F. Portree, Astronomy, August 1997. A look at the coming explorations of Mars.

  • "Looking for Life on Mars," C.P. McKay, Astronomy, August 1997. Chris McKay talks about the search for martians.

  • "Rocketeer," People, August 4, 1997. About the Mattel Hot Wheels models of Mars Pathfinder and Sojourner.

  • "Mars Watch '97 Summary: Cloudy but Quiet," S.J. O'Meara, Sky & Telescope, September 1997. Recent Mars observations from telescopes.

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EDITED BY Kenneth S. Edgett, Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA.