January 1998 Volume 7 Number 1

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REaD Mars

by Ken Edgett, Arizona State University

The following list is a sampling of key books, articles, and other things related to Mars that appeared since August 1997.

Science Fiction--

  • Voyage, by Stephen Baxter, HarperPrism Books, New York, 772 p., 1997. Paper-back postulates an alternative world in which JFK survived Dallas in 1963, and Richard Nixon selected a Mars mission instead of the Space Shuttle in 1972. Humans land on Mars in 1986. Good descriptions of what it would be like to be in space for the long voyage to Mars.

  • "Olympus Mons!" by Bud Sparhawk, Analog Science Fiction, p. 13-44, February 1998. What would it be like to race down the flanks of the Solar System's largest volcano? If you were standing at the summit of this monstrous mountain, what would you see?

Mars Global Surveyor--

  • "Mars Global Surveyor: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet," Sky & Telescope, January 1998.
  • "Mars Global Surveyor's First Look at Mars!" by William K. Hartman, Astronomy, January 1998.

Mars Pathfinder--

  • Mars Pathfinder Special Issue, Science, v. 278, n. 5344, December 5, 1997. First scientific results from the Pathfinder mission!

  • "Welcome to Mars!" by Carolyn C. Petersen, Sky & Telescope, October 1997.
  • "A Martian Mystery," by Ralph Kahn, Sky & Telescope, October 1997.
  • "Blazing a Trail to the Red Planet," by Robert Naeye, Astronomy, October 1997.
  • "A Sol in the Life of Pathfinder," by Stuart J. Goldman, Sky & Telescope, November 1997.
  • "Earth's Invasion of Mars," by Nadine Barlow, Ad Astra, November-December 1997. National Space Society magazine; call 1-800-376-6724 for information.
  • "Touchdown! Mars Pathfinder," by William H. Boyer, Final Frontier, December 1997.
  • "Pathfinder Keeps Rolling Along," Astronomy, December 1997.
  • "Wheelin' and Dealin' With the Red Planet," by Leonard David, Odyssey, December 1997.
  • "Red Rover, Red Rover," by Robert Naeye, Astronomy, January 1998.

Life On Mars--

  • "Mars Life? One Year Later," by Bruce Jakosky, The Planetary Report, November-December 1997. Planetary Society magazine; call 626-798-5100 for information.
  • "The Case for Relic Life on Mars," by Everett K. Gibson Jr., David S. McKay, and others, Scientific American, December 1997.

Space Books--

  • Sharing the Sky, A Parent's and Teacher's Guide to Astronomy, by David H. Levy, Larry A. Lebofsky, and Nancy R. Lebofsky, Plenum, New York, 308 p., 1997. Written by three of Arizona's own!


  • "Mars Mission Design," by Volcano Works, 1997. Allows users to design a realistic robotic mission to Mars. (Available for Macintosh System 7.5 or higher and Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 or better). Contact Chris Okubo, Volcano Works, 2440 Campus Rd #502, Honolulu, HI 96822, USA; or see http://www.volcanoworks.com.

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EDITED BY Kenneth S. Edgett, Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA.
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