TES NEWS, Volume 5, Number 1, February 1996

* Activity below was inspired by Jean Settle's "Edible Rockets" and "Edible Space Stations" activities: Jean Settle, Aerospace Education Consultant, 16487 Hollister Crossing Dr., St. Louis, MO 63011.

Classroom Activity Idea

Edible Mars Spacecraft*

by Amalia Plummer and Tricia Dieck, College of Education, ASU

Grade level: K--12, adjust to meet class needs.


1. Students will be able to identify: (a) Mars Global Surveyor and (b) Mars Pathfinder and the Sojourner microrover.

2. Students will use creative thinking and problem solving skills to design either one or both of the above spacecraft using a supply of different food items.

Suggested Materials (per student or group of students):

Commerical product names do not represent endorsements. Generic versions of these products can be substituted.

	3 graham crackers		6 creme wafer cookies
	8 gumdrops			1 "Peppermint Patty"
	6 "Rolos"			1 snack-size "Kit Kat"
	1 roll of "Smarties"		1 soda straw
	1 plasic knife			7 toothpicks
	1 sheet 18" by 12" wax paper	3 large marshmallows
Additional Materials for a Class of 25:

Lesson Format:

To begin, introduce students to the different Mars spacecraft (for example, see captions with each diagram). After finishing discussion, pass out above materials. Students need to decide which spacecraft they will construct with the materials provided (encourage them to not all make the Mars Rover, which tends to be the most popular item). Students should use the wax paper as a surface to work on to mimimize mess. Frosting can be distributed by placing a spoonful on each students' sheet of wax paper. Frosting can be used to "glue" pieces together.


Assessment Opportunities:

To Reduce Cost of Supplies, Try the Following:

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