Monitoring Mars with TES
TES was used throughout the entire Mars Global Surveyor mission to monitor the dynamic atmosphere and map surface temperatures and features of Mars. Some of our favorite observation sets are presented here.
  • AEROBRAKING: it took the MGS spacecraft 137 passes to slowly reduce the orbit from 48 hours down to only 4 hours; this highly elliptical orbit gave TES a unique opportunity to image the entire martian hemisphere. See Mars during areobraking from the TES perspective here.

  • MAPPING: movies of maps made from TESspectrometer data show the changes at Mars from April 1999 through August 2004. (Quicktime is requried to view mapping movies)

  • EXTENDED MISSION: data from the bolometers allowed TES to continually monitor the atmospheric dust and surface temperatures.

A 14-day archive of dust maps is available.
Ext mission dust movie: small (7 MB) large (24 MB)
Daytime temperature movies:
small (7 MB) large (24 MB)
Nighttime temperature movies:
small (7 MB) large (24 MB)

Martian surface temperature profile (full size)