First TES Data in Cruise

The First TES Data!

First TES Data in Cruise

The following plots represent the first TES data collected in space. The data were acquired 23-25 November 1996. (note: If you have a Java-enabled browser, you can try viewing the data INTERACTIVELY).

First Spectra

These are the first spectral data returned from the TES instrument from space. They were acquired within 1 minute of the instrument turn-on at 5:00 PM (MST) Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 1996. The spectra are of space and show the energy difference between the TES instrument (~23 C) and space (-270 C). Spectra are shown from each of the six TES spectrometer detectors.

First Instrument Response Function

The first instrument response data. The instrument response is derived using the temperature of the target (space at -270 C) and the temperature of the instrument (~23 C). This response is identical to that measured before launch and confirms that this instrument is in excellent health.

TES Sees the Earth

TES detection of the Earth. On Sunday, Nov. 24th between 10:00 and 11:00 AM (MST) the TES instrument was scanned back at forth across the Earth. These data show the signal from the thermal bolometer detector number one as the Earth passed through the field of view. The spacecraft was rolling from left to right so that the Earth initially passed through the very edge of the detector, producing a small signal, and gradually moved to the center of the detector and then back out of the field of view. Thus, the signal appears to grow and then diminish with each Earth scan.

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