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Our facility was initally designed to support the operations of the Mars Observer Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES). We are located in the Moeur Building on the main campus of Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe, Arizona, near Phoenix.

The Moeur Building was renovated in 1991 to accomodate our facility, and is currently undergoing another expansion expected to be completed in late September of 2001. (Tours of our facility and other sites of interest on the ASU campus can be arranged through the Tour Office at (480) 965-2266.) Each Mars Observer spacecraft instrument was to be controlled from the home institution of the Principal Investigator (P.I.) of the experiment. In our case, the P.I. of the Thermal Emission Spectrometer Project is Dr. Philip Christensen of the Department of Geological Sciences at Arizona State University. The first TES instrument was controlled from this facility here at ASU until the loss of the Mars Observer in August 1993. The second TES instrument, currently on board the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, has been operated from here at ASU since its launch in November 1996 to the current time.

There are many people who are TES Team Members who are not at ASU. These people have contributed to the development, construction, and analysis phases that the TES has undergone. A list of THEMIS (MSP '01) team members is also available.

Many of the people listed below have web pages describing their research; for a synopsis of recently published papers from our research group, see the References page.


  • Saadat Anwar TES Software Development
  • Kelly C. Bender TES Mission Planner
  • Dr. Phil Christensen Geology Professor, TES and THEMIS Principal Investigator, Athena Rover Co-Investigator (Mini-TES)
  • Kim Murray TES Data Archivist/Mission Planner
  • Noel Gorelick TES Software Development
  • Tara Fisher TES Office Support
  • Sheri Klug Arizona Mars K-12 Outreach Program Coordinator
  • Greg Mehall TES and THEMIS Instrument Manager and Systems Engineer
  • Dale Noss EOS-ASTER Software Development
  • Dr. Marsha Presley TES/Mars Thermophysical Research
  • Dr. Steve Ruff TES/Mars Spectroscopy Research

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