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The Mars Global Surveyor TES Project and Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program Present:


This is The Site to Access the Mars Missions as They Happen!

More than 10 spacecraft are expected to reach Mars in the next 10-15 years. Here is a list that will connect you to most of them. We will update the list as new material becomes available.

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Special News and Announcements:

Mars Global Surveyor Project:

Mars Pathfinder and microrover, Sojourner

Planet B, Japan's 1998 Mars Mission

Mars Surveyor 1998 Missions and New Millenium Microprobes

Mars Surveyor 2001 Orbiter, Lander, and Athena Rover

Mars Surveyor 2003 Orbiter, Lander, and Rover

  • Two rockets will launch these spacecraft in mid-2003, they arrive in 2004. Rover will collect samples and store them for eventual return to Earth.

Mars Express (European Space Agency)

  • Mars Express mission will launch in 2003. (It is described in a newsletter at this web site).

Mars Surveyor 2005 Sample Return Mission

  • Spacecraft will launch mid-2005, arrive in 2006, and retrieve samples from either the Athena Rover or the 2003-launched rover. Samples will reach Earth in 2008.

Other Splendid Sources of Mars Information:

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